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Excerpted from The Lahaina News

Mama's delicious, healthy
home-cooking is back in Napili

Thursday, January 15, 2009

GREAT NEWS! SHE'S BACK, SHE'S BACK! Yes, Mama's back at Mama's Ribs 'n Rotisserie in the Napili Plaza! Remember those succulent, fall-off-the-bone Baby Back Pork Ribs? They're back, too!

After owning and operating their very successful Mama's Ribs 'n Rotisserie since 1999, Alec and Donna Probst sold the restaurant in December 2007. Just one year later, in December 2008, they repurchased it! "We're so glad to be back," said Alec. "Retirement wasn't for us. We missed creating healthful, affordable dishes and we take pride in what we do!"

Well, the pride certainly shows. Just as we arrived, a party of eight was just leaving, and I asked them how the food was. "AWESOME, AWESOME," they exclaimed. "You must try it!"

And since that was our intent, we also left passing on the good news to the next arriving party: "The cuisine is awesome! Awesome!"

Locally family owned and operated, using family recipes, Mama's offers affordable, home-style dishes to make life easier for you and your budget. You can either eat in or take out. Mama's Ribs 'n Rotisserie also gives working parents or busy sightseers an alternative to the usual West Maui fast food options! And talk about being local - Alec's grandmother, Ruth Tan, opened the Banyan Inn on Front Street in 1934, passing down her expertise to her family.

Alec was born in Oahu and moved to Maui when he was 20 years old. He always worked in food and beverage and gained valuable restaurant experience working at the Maui Marriott and Westin Maui resorts.

Offering great, healthful meals at a great price, Mama's uses family sauce recipes that have been handed down on Maui for generations. OH, the sauces add such enticing flavors to the dishes!

Take, for instance, the Baby Back Pork Ribs - never have we enjoyed the ribs like Mama's before! The meat is pale pink and literally falls off the bone! "We marinate the ribs for 24 hours to give the meat a light barbecue tang," said Alec. "Then we slow cook it overnight for 12 hours, then top it with a hickory barbecue sauce. We buy only fresh ribs, not frozen." Well, you'll find out for yourself just how flavorful and tender the ribs are, and you will want to return again and again to order them.

The traditional Roasted and Teriyaki Rotisserie Chickens are also marinated overnight - either in a teriyaki-citrus sauce or brimmed with a Hawaiian Salt concoction - then topped off with secret Herb Spices.

Because we greedily devoured so many ribs, we took our chicken home. The next day, the Teriyaki-Citrus Sauce and secret spices still made the exquisite, tender chicken unbelievably flavorful. Other dishes include Vegetarian Spinach Lasagna - an absolute must-try with a Caesar or Kula Salad. We tried the crisp Caesar, and OH, the dressing was superb! It's on par with the best served in Maui's finest restaurants! And wait until you taste Mama's Old-Fashioned Pot Roast! Just fork-tender and a flavor you'll never forget! Just like your Mama used to make (or perhaps you wished she had)!

When served Macaroni Salad in a restaurant, I usually push it to one side, but OH NO! NOT AT MAMA'S! The creamy Macaroni Salad was so delicious, I couldn't stop tasting it until it was all gone, and I wished I had seconds! Such are the excellent dishes at Mama's Ribs 'n Rotisserie! When I asked Alec what made his salad so special, he laughed and said, "A secret ingredient." It was the same experience with the Red Potato Salad - so creamy, one has to consume the whole serving!

Mama's Ribs 'n Rotisserie is the ultimate for fine home-cooked meals. Enjoy Homemade Beef Stew, Beef Chili, Barbecued Pork Sandwiches, Portuguese Bean Soup and a variety of side orders at such reasonable prices! Feta Roma Pasta Salad, an Italian Mushroom Tri-Rotini Pasta Salad, Island-Style Macaroni Salad, creamy Cole Slaw and Barbecued Baked Beans that are simmered with chunks of bacon and bits of onions are also on the menu.

While raving about the fine quality of the simple dishes to Donna (Mama), she stated modestly, "Alec is the brilliance behind it all!" Three cheers to Alec for bringing such fine finesse to home-cooked meals!

And as a valuable member of the Lahaina community, Mama gives back by supplying our local Salvation Army with food items. The day before our visit, Mama gave our Lahaina Salvation Army 100 pounds of chicken.

So when you want delicious, healthful home-cooking, you don't have to shop for an hour, then prepare your ingredients for another hour. Just stop in at Napili Plaza for a quick, affordable, fresh and healthy meal time - eat in or take out. MAMA'S BACK, and you'll be so pleased she is! Call 665-6262.
Pau for now...

Copyright 2004 The Lahaina News
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